You Don't Know Jack

Nathan Shearer is a bartender from London. Like you, he already knew the myths about Jack Daniel's. But there's a lot more to the story, and he wanted to show you the Jack you don't know.

To do so, he needed to head to Lynchburg, Tennessee. It's a tiny city - there's only one traffic light - but it's where the Jack Daniel's legend began.

Since 1866, every single drop of Jack Daniel's whiskey has been made at the Lynchburg distillery here, and Nathan quickly found out that methods haven't changed much since the very start.

He saw the dramatic fires used to make charcoal in the mellowing process for the past 150 years. He explored the Cave Spring Hollow to see the source of the cleanest, purest water - perfect for making good whiskey. He met master distiller Jeff Arnett, only the seventh man to hold the title in Jack Daniel's history. And he took a trip to Nashville to learn about Jack's undeniable connection to music.

You don't know Jack. Hell, no one's even sure of the great man's birthday. But this should let you in on a few secrets.

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