Jack Daniel's White Rabbit Saloon

70 cl
From Town Square. To Square Bottle.

He may have only been 5 foot 2 inches tall. But he was a giant among small town entrepreneurs. White Rabbit Saloon is a special edition that honors the opening of Jack’s famous watering hole, formerly located in Lynchburg’s town square. The saloon was a favorite hangout for all Friends of Jack to gather together and enjoy a glass of his fine Tennessee sippin’ whiskey. And if they were lucky, they would also be on hand when Mr. Jack walked in and set them up with a drink.

White Rabbit Saloon is presented in a special edition cardboard gift box.

Color & Nose

Deep orange amber.

Taste & Finish

Bold oak with layers of cinnamon, black pepper, vanilla and berry.

Tennessee Whiskey
Volume: 70cl
ABV: 43%

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  • Very pleased!

    Just been delivered today , the delivery box was abit battered but the bottle was un harmed , very good service , very fast and very reliable i would recommend to lots of family.

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