Jack Honey Hot Toddy

This Jack may like it chilled. But when the cold begins to set in, there’s nothing sweeter than a warming Jack Honey Hot Toddy enjoyed with the hive.


  • - 25ml Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

  • - 125ml Apple Juice

  • - Juice of ¼ - ½ a Lemon, to taste

  • - 1 tsp Maple Syrup

  • - Boiling Water

  • - Cinnamon Stick

  • - Lemon Peel

  • GARNISH: Cinnamon stick and lemon peel twist

  • GLASS: Heat proof tumbler or mug

  • METHOD: Grab yourself a mug or latte glass and add all of the base ingredients. Make sure you give them a good stirring so they really get to know each other. Then simply top with boiling water and stir again using your cinnamon stick. Serve whilst still good and sippin’ hot with a couple of twists of lemon peel.

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