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A Little Bit Of Something Special.

The Jack Daniel's Family Pack includes miniature 5cl bottles of:
Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select, as well as the original Old No.7.

Our four Jack Daniel's miniature bottles are presented in a cardboard gift box.

Taste & Finish

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack
Sweet vanilla, fruit and light spice. Balanced oak. Crisp clean finish.

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7
Balanced caramel, vanilla and toasted oak. Medium bodied with creamy clean finish.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select
Rich toasted oak. Complex barrel spices. Warm lingering finish.

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
Our original Tennessee Whiskey recipe balanced with honey and nut character.

Tennessee Whiskey & Liqueur
Volume: 4 x 5cl
ABV: 40% & 35%

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Customer Reviews

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  • jack daniels honey

    I like the Jack Daniels Honey it's my favourite one its good a really good taste, is it possible you could tell me some interesting facts about Jack Daniels. Also what does the NO'7 stand for I hope you get more flavours p.s thomas

  • JD Multi Set & Single Barrel Error.

    This really isn't a review to the beautiful crafted Single Barrel Whiskey range. I loving enjoy when I get a chance to have a wee dram or two. I have to point out a mistake to this advert of the multi box set of fine Jay Dee collection of Whiskey's. The box set contents are:

    1 - Gentleman Jack
    2 - Old No.7
    3 - Tennessee Honey
    4 - Single Barrel

    Neatly packed into little mini bottle versions of there larger counterparts from the off the shelve shaped bottle issues.

    The error or mistake in this advert is that it is listed as having two Tennessee Honey miniature's, rather than one of them being the Single Barrel Whiskey. Maybe the editor of this is enjoys his Jack Whiskeys or had to much and ended up snow blind. Anyway hopeful the Distillery will rectify this error asap for the future.

  • Brilliant whiskeys

    Nothing much to say besides a fine selection of JD whiskeys. Perfect for sipping or introducing yourself to whiskey in general. That being said, it's a great purchase and i have no regrets. A brief review, but it doesn't take much more than a "fantastic" to describe these.

3 Item(s)
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