150th Anniversary Commemorative Whiskey

70 cl
Celebrating 150 Years Of Whiskey Making.

SAVE £29.99 when you purchase a bottle of this 150th Anniversary Commemorative Whiskey with a 150th Anniversary Special Edition Whiskey as part of a special set. Add both bottles to your basket and the discount will be automatically applied in the checkout. Shop for the 150th Anniversary Commemorative Whiskey.

Introducing the newest member of the Jack Daniel’s family - our Limited Edition 150th Anniversary 43% ABV Tennessee Whiskey.

In 150 years of the Jack Daniel Distillery, the distilling process has largely remained unchanged. Our Tennessee Whiskey is made with the same process pioneered and perfected by Mr. Jack himself. We ensure every last drop tastes as good as the first, charcoal mellowing it drop by drop, before ageing it in our own handcrafted American white oak barrels. We don't rely on calendars to tell us when our whiskey is ready. Only a sip from our tasters can tell us that. And when you take a sip, we think you’ll appreciate this tribute to 150 years of whiskey craftsmanship.

150th Anniversary Commemorative Whiskey is presented in a black cardboard gift box.

Color & Nose

Deep orange amber.

Taste & Finish

Balanced caramel, vanilla and toasted oak.
Medium bodied with creamy clean finish.

Tennessee Whiskey
Volume: 70cl
ABV: 43%

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  • Damaged

    I'm a collector and I ordered this for my collection and expected the bottle to be in prefect condition and it wasn't it had tiny rips in the label and scratched so u couldn't see the 70cl clearly

  • Ltd Supply in the UK

    Purchased from a local Tesco where i got the last example, no amount of searching could another be found. I wanted one for my collection & another to open & enjoy.
    Is this a Limited Edition bottle.?
    So i can't review the taste of the product but can say i am moderately happy with the bottle, as already said above, the lable had tiny rips all around the top.

  • This will mean so much to so many people

    My friend, musician and epitamy of what humans should be like to each other, died of sudden death syndrome on 22nd Sept 2016. He was 28 and just got engaged, and just started university in Cardiff. ( see, Remembering Ian on f/b )
    His favorite drink was your delicious J.D. ( and coke ). Before his funeral there were many groups of his friends across the country who had J.D. evenings in his memory, we had one on a stage where his band The Infamous always played during Welshpool Music Festival.
    I think it would be an awesome gesture if you sent a bottle to his parents. Please do this for Ian Ferguson (Ian Scott as stage name, or Scotty McKnob as he is also affectionately known as). Let the 'Crazy Diamond' and his friends and family know, how much you respect his loyalty to your lovely drink.
    If you do this, you will gain so much respect, and I will thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Do something awesome!

    ( you can verify this through Facebook or contact me thanks)

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