Great Things Happen When Whiskey Meets Meat

To fund his Distillery purchase a young Mr Jack sold meat and whiskey by the wagon. These two southern staples were meant to be together.
And as well as retiring the charcoal that mellows our whiskey to fire up local grills and barbecues, we host arguably the world's most prestigious barbecue competition right here at the Jack Daniel Distillery.

Although the 27th Annual Jack Daniel's World Invitational Barbecue may feel like bit of a mouthful, it's nothing compared to the delicious ribs, wings, brisket and burgers that teams from all over the world dish up in order to be crowned grand champions.

But our meat and whiskey credentials aren't just limited to our own backyard. You can view some of our like-minded brothers of the grill in action at this years' Grillstock London Festival.
Over the years we've compiled quite a few championship-winning recipes, rubs and marinades, and together with our favorite Jack drinks to match we've created the Jack Daniel's Grill Buddy.

It's the ultimate barbecue app and Friends of Jack can download it here:

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