Jack Daniel's Tennessee Cider

Jack Daniel’s is proud to bring you Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider – straight to the UK before anywhere else in the world. By combining crisp apple cider with smooth Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, we’ve expertly blended something that’s not only distinctly refreshing, but also unmistakably Jack to the core. Best served and shared with friends, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider’s bold and one-of-a-kind flavor stays true to the pioneering spirit of Mr. Jack.

From opening the first registered distillery in the US to choosing a square bottle for his signature liquid, Mr. Jack was the original innovator of the whiskey world. He never shied away from pushing boundaries, so it’s only fitting his legacy lives on in each and every bottle of our newest member of the Jack family. The very first taste of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider is dropping in the UK before the rest of the world, so you could be one of the first on the globe to try this bold new cider from Jack Daniel’s.

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