Jack Daniel's Single Barrel - Jeff Arnett Select 2018

70 cl
A Higher Character of Whiskey.

Bottles ordered will be supplied on a first come first served basis therefore we cannot guarantee which barrel your bottle will come from.

Purchases limited to one bottle only per transaction.

Even amongst our finest whiskeys, there’s some that rise above the rest. Jeff personally chose these barrels as their character stood out as offering a complex, yet approachable tasting experience. Six barrels and enough exceptional whisky to make 240 bottles, each packaged with a medallion and gift card from Jeff himself.

Rick Nos. L-10 & R-26
Barrel Nos. 18-4888, 18-4889, 18-4890, 18-6248, 18-6249, 18-6250
Bottling Dates. 08.07.18 & 09.10.18

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel - Selected by Jeff Arnett is presented in a cardboard gift box with metal medallion featuring the details of this limited release and includes a card bearing the story why Jeff selected the barrels.

Color & Nose

Deep amber.
Sweet vanilla to toasted oak.

Taste & Finish

Caramel upfront with a mid-palate that is creamy with both slightly dry to buttery variations.
Toasted oak that balances well with the sweet notes.

Tennessee Whiskey
Volume: 70cl
ABV: 45%

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