Jack Daniel's Master Distiller Series 4 - Jesse C. Gamble

70 cl





Jesse C. Gamble. The Fourth Of Our Magnificent Seven.

Jess Gamble served as our Master Distiller for just two years, from 1964 to 1966. But it was an important time, Jess was the first of our head distillers to come from outside Jack’s family. Even so, he made sure the whiskey was made and mellowed Mr. Jack’s way.

Master Distiller Series 4 - Jesse C. Gamble limited edition whiskey is presented in a cardboard gift box.

Color & Nose

Deep orange amber.

Taste & Finish

Bold oak with layers of cinnamon, black pepper, vanilla and berry.

Tennessee Whiskey
Volume: 70cl
ABV: 43%

Customer Reviews

3 Reviews
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  • Best drink in the world

    Only thing I would drink on a night out
    Nice with ice or with coke
    Like to see more different ones you can buy in uk

  • Snifter

    I do not drink any whiskey Scots or American with any mixer, always neat. I also like to have an other blend when tasting to compare. Your Limited Edition No 4 passes with flying colours a pleasure to sip slowly. Your five star rating is well deserved. By the way I do not use ice ether.

  • Master Distiller Series #4

    I highly recommend all of the master distiller series but in particular the #4 Jesse C Gamble limited addition has an unbelievably smooth full bodied flavour, you won't be disappointed go on treat yourself !

3 Item(s)
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