Jack’s Liquid Gold

Exceptionally Smooth And Rich. The Ultimate Luxury.

New from the Jack Daniel Distillery: No. 27 Gold is for those who, like us, live their life in the pursuit of excellence. We started, as always, at the beginning, with our beloved Old No. 7 whiskey. Charcoal mellowing and oak barreling to reflect the time-tested process that imparts Jack’s distinctively smooth taste.

But then we retrace those steps, mellowing again and adding layers of complexity with an additional maturing in golden-hued maple barrels.

The result is a twice barreled and twice mellowed take on the original. An extra smooth and luxurious expression of the Old No. 7 experience.

Special Whiskey. With An Extra Special Personalized Touch.

The Hottest Job At The Jack Daniel Distillery

Gentleman’s Sour

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