Smoked & Pulled BBQ Pork Recipe

Great things happen when whiskey meets meat.


  • - 1(4-6kg) pork shoulder, skin removed

  • - BBQ rub (recipe below)

  • - 260ml Jack Daniel’s ‘Smooth Original’ barbeque sauce

  • - 250ml apple juice or cider

  • - Thinly sliced jarred pickles


  • - 3tbsp paprika

  • - 2tbsp sea salt

  • - 2tbsp of brown sugar

  • - 1tbsp garlic powder

  • - 1tbsp chilli powder

  • - 1tbsp black pepper


Put the shoulder in a tray and season heavily with the BBQ rub.
Set up your BBQ to smoke indirectly* at 110°C and add the smoking chips.
Place the shoulder on the BBQ, fat side up and cook until the internal temperature reaches 92°C – spend 12 hours cooking, possibly more. The pork is done when it’s so tender that it flakes apart and falls off the bone when you poke it with a fork. Transfer the shoulder to a large tray, wrap it in foil and allow it to rest for half an hour.
Using bear claws or two big forks, shred the meat, discarding any wanted bits. Mix the apple juice (or cider) and Jack Daniel’s Barbeque sauce together in a small bowl. Mix the sauce into the pork.
Serve on a fresh white, lightly toasted bap with pickles.

*Indirect cooking - the ‘slower cook’. This requires the heat to be on one side of your grill; cooking is to take place on the unheated side.

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