150th Anniversary Commemorative Whiskey - Signed by Jeff Arnett

70 cl
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NOW SOLD OUT. Unsigned bottles of the 150th Anniversary Commemorative Whiskey are still available.

LIMITED EDITION. Only 150 signed bottles are available. LIMIT OF ONE BOTTLE PER ORDER.

Celebrating 150 Years Of Whiskey Making.

Jack has always taken that extra step to ensure birthdays are celebrated; our 150th anniversary being no exception. Jeff Arnett is the 7th Master Distiller responsible for making this fine sippin' Tennessee whiskey just as it has been for the past 150 years, so what better way to celebrate our anniversary than by having 150 limited edition bottles signed by the Master Distiller himself.

In 150 years of Jack Daniel’s there have been seven Master Distillers each bringing their own unique take to the company whilst ensuring the process has stayed the same as Mr. Daniel’s himself first wanted it. Ensuring every last drop tastes as good as its first, charcoal mellowing it drop by drop, before ageing it in our own handcrafted American white oak barrels. 150 years of Whiskey craftsmanship is perfected in this one signed bottle, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

150th Anniversary Commemorative Whiskey is presented in a black cardboard gift box.

Color & Nose

Deep orange amber.

Taste & Finish

Balanced caramel, vanilla and toasted oak.
Medium bodied with creamy clean finish.

Tennessee Whiskey
Volume: 70cl
ABV: 43%

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  • Out of stock

    Gutted it's out of stock would've looked really good in my collection any chance you guys will get some more in.

  • if only life could be this simple

    a delicate smooth taste with all the kick of a wild mule while a subtle aroma circulates the palette then bang you got that beautiful jack Daniels flavour then you get ready for round two

2 Item(s)
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