Jack Daniel's Master Distiller Series 1

70 cl
Jack. The First Of Our Magnificent Seven.

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We've only ever had seven men oversee the making of our whiskey. It’s a line that runs back to Jack Daniel himself. It was Jack who first registered his distillery in 1866. Who chose the Cave Spring here in Lynchburg and insisted on mellowing his whiskey drop by drop through 10 feet of hard sugar maple charcoal. It was Jack who chose square bottles, introduced his whiskey to the world, and named it Old No.7. So it’s fitting he’s the first to be honoured.

Master Distiller Series 1 limited edition whiskey is presented in a cardboard gift box.

Color & Nose

Deep orange amber.

Taste & Finish

Bold oak with layers of cinnamon, black pepper, vanilla and berry.

Tennessee Whiskey
Volume: 70cl
ABV: 43%

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Customer Reviews

3 Reviews
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  • Sooo good

    Best tasting whiskey by far

  • Master Jack !

    Classically and deliciously warm !

  • So nice

    This bottle goes down so nicely had to get another bottle

3 Item(s)
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