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Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Barrel Strength

70 cl
Experience whiskey as nature intended it

For every 100 barrels, only one rises above the rest. Of these select few, there are some so exceptional that they are ready to be bottled straight from the barrel. Single Barrel Barrel Strength is truly whiskey as nature intended it.

As a unique expression of Jack, Barrel Strength is robust, but not overpowering, and surprisingly smooth. Bottled at full proof, this Tennessee Whiskey stands out for its boldness and depth of flavor. This bottle comes with Gift Box

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Color & Nose

Deep red amber.

Taste & Finish

Rich toasted oak.
Complex barrel spices.
Warm lingering finish.

Tennessee Whiskey
Volume: 70cl
ABV: 64.5%

Customer Reviews

3 Reviews
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  • Not bad a lot better than any other jack

    As title suggests this isnt bad at all, though i still search for that older jack flavour from my youth.
    I drank half the bottle neat and with coke and enjoyed both but then i made a 50/50 mix with some old jenkes creme de cacoa liqueuer and smashed the bottle after that suffice to say it was goddamn lovely with the cacao as this really brought down fieryness and it all calmed down to a beautiful sublime taste experience with all those jack flavours loading up on the tongue
    Tremendous dram

  • Single barrel barrel strength

    Of all the single barrel flavours I've tasted this by far is my fav it is what it says barrel strength cheers jd

  • Jack from the Barrel

    A very strong Robust flavour profile. A bit too much bite for me to go totally neat. But with a little ice and pure water I find it brings the flavours forward and its all what you'd expect from a High Proof Single Barrel. Happy to have one in my drinking cabinet and its definitely going to last.

3 Item(s)
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